Homegrown Iowa: Northern Country Coop

posted on Thursday, February 15, 2018

Ever wonder what it takes to raise pigs? We’ll start by saying a passion for farming, a dedication to providing animal care 24/7 and a whole lot of grit and determination (just ask our snow removal teams after the first big Iowa snowfall). It also takes a tremendous investment in feed, people, genetics, construction services, propane, electricity, trucking and technology, just to name a few. In Iowa, just about everything we need is right in our own backyard. On our Homegrown Iowa adventure we’ll be introducing you to our supply partners—from small hardware stores to manure pumpers.

Northern Country Coop, headquartered in Stacyville, Iowa, is one of 12 mills we work with to provide feed for our pigs. Each year we need upwards of 30 million bushels of corn, 120,000 tons of soybean meal and 624,000 tons of dried distiller grains and solubles.

For 17 years we’ve been in partnership with NCC, purchasing 100,000 tons of feed annually—nearly half of their swine feed sales. Thanks to NCC for your longtime partnership, we’re thrilled that you have been able to grow right along with us. Read more here.