Homegrown Iowa: The Key to Iowa's Food Security

posted on Thursday, February 15, 2018

Welcome to the inaugural issue of Homegrown Iowa, a publication from Iowa Select Farms. We’re launching Homegrown Iowa to better engage Iowans in relevant agricultural topics and share information about the business of pig farming, especially our common goals and values regarding animal care, environment protection and strengthening rural communities across our state.

We’re proud to be a homegrown Iowa company in the heart of a homegrown Iowa industry—pig farming. We hope you follow along on our ag adventure as we work to care for the animals that feed Iowa families, along with a hungry world.  We’re also proud of our 1,200 Iowa employees, 650 Iowa contractors and the 1,700 Iowa companies we do business with. So proud that we’ll be sharing many of their stories along the way.

Our first issue of Homegrown Iowa goes back to the very beginning of our state’s ag heritage—the soil. There are only a few places on our globe that are well-suited to raise food, and Iowa is one of them. In fact, the most fertile soil—Mollisols, and it’s most fertile suborder, Udolls, makes up most of Iowa’s land surface. In fact, only 1% of world’s land surface is Udolls, and it’s right here in Iowa. It’s why Iowa is synonymous with farming, and we invite you to read on for more of the story here.