How Our Employees Live Out SelectCare

posted on Monday, November 22, 2021

The next installment of stories about our awesome employees features a trait that is near and dear to our hearts – caring for those around us. This is something we live out every day through SelectCare. As pig farmers, we believe that by taking care of our animals, people, environment and communities we will achieve our mission of producing pork, responsibly.

Given that caring is central to our core values, it’s no surprise that over 90 of the nominations we received mentioned that our employees appreciate their co-workers who consistently care for others.

Much of that caring spirit shines through when working with and caring for our animals. As a part of our dedication to Animal Care, we’ve always enforced a strong commitment to providing the best care to every animal, every day. The overwhelming number of nominations related to exceptional Animal Care are a testament to that dedication.

For example, when describing Leann, the farrowing department head at Popcorn sow farm, one of her co-workers said, “She takes great care of the animals, day and night. She has a heart of gold when it comes to what's best for the animals and you cannot ask for a more honest and caring employee than her.”

Another awesome employee who was recognized for their outstanding commitment to Animal Care is Jeff, a member of the Production Well Being team.

“From the day I joined Iowa Select Farms, I have been impressed by Jeff’s dedication to our company and his work ethic. He is totally committed to top notch pig care and Beast Mode Biosecurity,” said one of his co-workers.

Dan, a finishing supervisor, was also nominated for the way he works to ensure high quality Animal Care.

“Dan continually does whatever it takes to make sure the pigs are getting the care they need,” said one of his co-workers. “You can tell that Dan cares a lot about the health and wellbeing of the pigs under his supervision.”

Caring graphic

In addition to prioritizing Animal Care, many of our employees were also nominated for their commitment to another one of our pillars: People Care. For example, Rocio the breeding lead at Jones sow farm was nominated for being an outstanding example of People Care in action.

“Rocio has always supported me in my hardest times. She knew what to say when things got complicated and helped me to carry on,” said one of her co-workers. “She is very good at listening and giving advice. She loves working and cares about the sows, the people and in doing things in the right way.”

Another person nominated for their dedication to People Care is Tysen, a Multiplication Senior Supervisor.

When describing Tysen, one of his co-workers wrote, “He is very good with people and always gets people to give 100 %, even when things aren’t going right.”

And the praise didn’t stop there. Another one of his co-workers said, "Tysen is always there when we need him. He understands his people and our needs. Tysen is friendly and always treats us like we matter.”

Thank you to each and every one of our employees that go the extra mile to live out our SelectCare values. This commitment to taking care of our animals, people, environment and communities is truly what makes our company and employees awesome.