How Swede It Is! Power Snack Stops in Albert City

posted on Thursday, November 5, 2020

Onto Albert City to deliver 500 Power Snack coupon booklets and 200 Pork Sticks for local kiddos in-need! And we've got to say, Albert City, we LOVE the welcome sign into your town.


A program of Iowa Select Farms and the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation, Power Snack provides at-risk students with the food ingredients to make their own nutritious “Power Snacks”—deli ham and whole wheat bread sandwiches—at home.

AC2“Kids love ham,” explained Jen Sorenson, Iowa Select Farms Communications Director. “It’s easy to prepare, full of flavor and promotes growth and development. Combining the energy and carbohydrates of whole wheat bread with the protein of ham means the children will have made themselves a real Power Snack.”

Since 2015, 7,953 students in Buena Vista County have been supported with Power Snack coupons. The coupon booklets are distributed to qualifying students four times throughout the school year, typically prior to weekends or extended breaks, and can be redeemed at any local grocery store for $5 worth of deli ham and $3 for a loaf of whole wheat or whole grain bread, enough resources to make twelve ham sandwiches.


The Pork Sticks provide a portable, immediate infusion of protein to curb hunger and help children focus on learning.

With one in seven Iowa children facing food insecurity, Iowa Select Farms and the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation are fighting back with Power Snack. This year, the program will donate 1,170,000 ham sandwiches, 20,000 Pork Sticks and created educational resources for teachers that start conversations about the importance of healthy eating.