Howard County Action Food Pantry, Cresco

posted on Tuesday, June 28, 2016

We always enjoy meeting up with Patty at the Howard County Action Food Pantry in Cresco. “We have a lot of young families, and you can tell they don’t have a lot,” said Patty. “I don’t like to turn anyone away—if they need food, they need food.” She also gives out little cards they can use to get milks, eggs and other perishable products at the grocery store.

The pantry serves 40-50 families a month, and volunteers put together grocery bags of food for the clients. “This operation has helped a lot of people, and we’re able to give them a good amount of food for their families. They are always very grateful,” said Patty. “You never know a situation, sometimes they were just let go from a job or had expenses elsewhere that had to be paid.”

Patty said they also help out with school supplies and winter hats and coats, and the school system helps children get the nutrition they need through free breakfast, snacks and lunches.