Howard M037 Grabs 1st Place and Overall 2020 Multiplication Grower

posted on Wednesday, April 21, 2021

M037 Travis and Brandon
“It’s their attention to detail day after day, week after week, and a tremendous amount of care and pride that makes them successful,” shared Tysen, who leads on the multiplication team.

Congratulations to the dynamic pair at Howard M037—Travis and Brandon— for clenching first place Multiplication Grower in Q4 and Overall 2020, as well as Most Improved in Overall 2020!

Travis and Brandon live by the multiplication mantra, #TheRightPig to remind themselves that having the right care, space, health, quality, age, and husbandry decisions are what drives a successful farm and sets the gilt developers, sow farms, and finishers up for success.

Tysen says Travis attributes much of their achievement to the healthy pigs they have been receiving from multiplication nurseries. This allows them to hit their targets, keep their mortality low, and performance high. They also maintain a strong focus in areas such as biosecurity and production well-being.

After finishing so strong in 2020, Travis and Brandon of course want to continue their streak and stay at the top. We asked Travis and Brandon what they think has made them so successful and they have these tips to share. Read on to hear what they have to say!

Travis and Brandon’s Top 10 Tips to Success:

1. Pay Close Attention to Detail: Brandon says they are always using the production well-being team’s Five Sense Choring training guide as a good reminder. He says they routinely look for new or unusual behavior because attention to detail prevents a small issue from becoming a large one.

2. Keep the Animals the Top Priority and Put Them First: The to do list on the farm is long, but healthy pigs are everything. Travis says they always make sure the pigs are completely cared for before tackling the rest of their checklist.

3. Manage Your Time and Prioritize: Know what needs to get done first and what can wait a bit longer. They give each other enough time to complete each task and not to rush to completion.

4. Do It Right the First Time: Brandon says they take their time when completing tasks to make sure that they are done thoroughly and correctly the first time around. By doing this, they avoid redoing tasks.

5. Go BeastMode on Biosecurity: Keeping it at the highest level and practicing biosecurity 24/7 is critical to the health of our pigs. We read the BeastMode Biosecurity Newsletters for refreshers and always hold each other accountable for this, shared Brandon.

6. Communicate Clearly: We talk a lot with each other and our supervisors to leave less room for confusion. Clear communication creates an inviting workspace, says Travis.

7. Appreciate the WHOLE Team: It takes a team effort across the company to keep pigs healthy at every stage of growth. Travis says they recognize each other and celebrate their victories.

8. Train Continuously: Brandon says he takes advantage of every opportunity to grow professionally and learn new ways to care for the pigs.

9. Be Aware of Your Surroundings: When it comes to many animals, Travis says it’s always good to know where the pigs are in relation to your people. Handling pigs goes smoother when we are mindful of the pigs’ blind spots.

10. Have Fun and Enjoy Your Job: We get to work with pigs every day! Both Travis and Brandon advise to enjoy the work caretakers do to feed and fuel the world.

Their insightful tips lead to top notch animal care, something to strive for every day. Keep up the great work, Travis and Brandon!