HR Named SelectCare Excellence Winners

posted on Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Congratulations to the human resources team for winning the Select Care Excellence Award!


Whether they’re working hard recruiting new talent, navigating our company through COVID-19, developing leaders from within, keeping us paid, coaching managers through various situations or boosting morale—the HR team is a huge part of our hardworking Iowa Select Farms family.


“Especially coming in as a new manager for Iowa Select Farms, I couldn’t have asked for a better HR team to support me, back me up and most importantly guide me,” said Rachael, Sow 14 Farm Manager. “From payroll issues to helping with employee communication, explaining benefits and guiding me through conflict resolution, I’m just very thankful for the HR team that we have.”

“I can’t think of a team that’s more deserving of this award,” said Jen, Communications Director. “They are welcoming, compassionate, make work fun, take care of our 1,200 employees and make all of us better every single day.”


Since we couldn’t celebrate together, we let HR know about their recent recognition in true work-from-home fashion—on a video conference call. Even from a distance, we were joined by more than 20 members from production who submitted short video messages to the HR team, congratulating them on this much-deserved honor.

The team consists of Director Kerry, Madeline, Adrian, Susan, Courtney, Cathy, Ashley, Becca, Carolina and part-time employees Louana, Tom, Jose, Lisa and Brook. Together, the team supports all Iowa Select Farms’ employees and farms.


“Kerry might be one the fastest talkers I’ve ever met,” chuckled a Lawra, Davis Sow 21 Manager. “But she’s also the life of the party and the one that holds us all together. Her passion, enthusiasm and down-to-earth feeling are so appreciated by myself and other managers. She really cares about us and it shows.”


Madeline is the newest addition to the HR team and helps with on-farm employee training. “To say that Madeline is always happy and upbeat is an understatement,” said Adam, Smyrna Sow 38 Farm Manager “She not afraid to pull up her bootstraps and work right alongside us on farm. She’s going to be a great resource for new employees.”

When it came to staffing a new farm in southern Iowa, Cheers B005, Adrian went above and beyond to get to the know the farm, their staff and culture. “A lot of the team was tenured, so it was important to find people that would mesh well with the existing group,” said Brian, the farm’s supervisor. “Adrian came to the farm, got to know our personalities and really took the time to learn the position. He’s matched us up with some great people.”


Tim, Senior Finishing Supervisor, appreciates the reliability of the HR team, especially Susan and Becca. “I am extra appreciative of Susan and Becca who make sure that I get paid every two weeks,” he joked. “Even in times of uncertainty, they work hard to make sure that nothing goes wrong with payroll. It’s a huge task and we appreciate all that they do for us.”

According to Allie, Stumme Sow 3 Farm Manager, Cathy goes above and beyond helping managers and their employees. “She is always ready to help, concerned for our people and truly wants what is best for them,” she said. “Cathy’s position is not always the easiest, but she puts her heart into all her work, is extremely supportive and passionate.”


“Ashley is always there to help employees when they have questions about their benefits, insurance or anything for that matter,” said Chad, Upland Sow 41 Farm Manager. “She has helped me get quick answers in times of need. She really cares about us and our employees.”

“Time and time again, Carolina has proved to be an extremely helpful resource for our employees,” said sow supervisor, Gustavo. “Not only is she always willing to help, but she does it with a smile on her face. You can tell that she always has the best interest of our employees and their families on her mind.”

According to her peers, Courtney wears a lot of hats when it comes to staffing and recruitment. “Even if she has piles of paperwork and to-do lists, she’s the first one to offer a helping hand,” said Carolina. “We celebrate and high five success but we also share tears over losses, hard processes or days when we fall short. Courtney is strong and a leader among us, usually we call her ‘the glue that keeps a lot of our processes and teams together’. She keeps us accountable, and invests both her time and her knowledge in making sure we recruit the best people, we treat our employees the best and as a team we work together to the best of our capabilities.”


And while it’s nearly impossible to include everyone’s thoughts in one story, the overarching message here is that our HR team is just, well, awesome.

“The entire HR team is comprised of hard workers but more importantly, excellent people,” continued Cesar. “They are very knowledgeable, professional, have great attitudes and are a huge support. They make us all feel part of the Iowa Select Farms’ family.”

We’re so grateful to have an HR team that always works hard, has fun and most importantly, supports and encourages our people. Thanks for being the best hype squad around and congratulations on this much deserved Select Care Excellence Award.