Humboldt County Ministerial Food Pantry-

posted on Wednesday, August 2, 2017

It's quite possible our Haul Out Hunger crew had a little too much fun unloading 1,200 pounds of fresh pork with our friends at the Humboldt County Ministerial Food Pantry.

"This is just the best! Ya, ya, ya!" That was the rally cry heard from volunteer Mary Dahl, as she was dancing around the pantry. "Our families are going to appreciate this so much!"

On any given week, Mary and other volunteers like Don Connor serve 40-60 families in the community. "Our needs remain pretty steady throughout the year except for during the holidays," explained Mary. "Most people are too proud to ask for handouts, but we find they come here when there's no where left to go, and there's nothing nothing wrong with that."

In addition to Mary and Don, the pantry is supported by volunteers like Pat Hill, who has been volunteering in the community for more than 35 years.

"Most of our families are fortunate enough to receive large bundles to take home, but it's not often that we're able to include meat like this," explained Pat. "This is definitely few and far between for us, but so, so appreciated."

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