Humeston Watermelon Days

posted on Monday, July 17, 2017

“We are really excited to be a part of Humeston Watermelon Days,” said Doug Bates, manager of Sow 32 located north of Humeston. The employees covering the Saturday chores showed up early at the farm to get their work done, then walked the parade route, handing out pork coupons and candy.

Much to our surprise and delight the theme this year was “Going Hog Wild” in celebration of the local pork industry. After the parade, Doug, Dan, Josh, Mark and “Giggles” manned the grills at the Mormon Trail Chamber of Commerce food stand, grilling brats, hamburgers and hot dogs for the hundreds of families who headed to Humeston City Park to take part in the festivities.

Community leaders and volunteers all covered shifts at the food stand throughout the day, all working together to help raises funds for community betterment projects, such as college scholarships, fireworks, and even bringing Santa in for the children during Christmastime.

Under blue skies and sunshine the city park bustled with kid’s games, bingo, dunk tanks, pedal pulls and live music. Fantastic job to all of the volunteers and festival organizers, it’s hard to even imagine all of the planning and work that goes into community celebrations. #billionplus