I have to run tight ship

posted on Saturday, July 9, 2016

“My billion-pound journey? I need to stay organized, tighten my inventories and anticipate the needs of my production team,” said Amy, who oversees the regional supply warehouse in Pocahontas. “As the manager of this location, I know I am personally accountable for helping us reach this billion-pound goal, and I reflect a lot about what I can be doing better.”

Amy joined Iowa Select Farms three years ago when the warehouse was started up in Pocahontas to better serve the 180 sites located in the western Iowa finishing region. Like the other regional warehouses, Amy’s location inventories nearly 415 different items—farm supplies, equipment, medicine, tools and anything the finishing supervisors, site managers and maintenance technicians need to keep operations running smoothly.

On average, Amy receives and fulfills 83 orders a week, with each request averaging 30 difference SKUs that need pulled, packaged and prepared for pick-up.

“I have to run a tight ship,” said Amy. “Accuracy is everything, which means I have to keep supplies organized, stored properly and inventoried and fulfilled correctly, all in an effort to eliminate any issues when the supplies are delivered to the sites.”

“Amy does a great job for us, she always has her act together,” said Dan, a finishing supervisor who relies heavily on Amy to field his supply orders. “She is easy to work with and our supplies are always ready when we arrive at the warehouse. We really appreciate everything she does for us.”

“She’s also adaptable,” adds Dan, who said when plans change, she can amend orders pretty quickly if need be. In some cases, she even delivers supplies out to the sites if the need is critical to animal care.

“Amy treats everyone she encounters with kindness, respect and positivity,” said Julie, the Purchasing and Warehouse Supervisor for Iowa Select Farms. “She does not shy away from obstacles and is proactive in making her corner of our supply and warehousing world a better place. I feel very fortunate to have her on my team.”

“I’m here to help my team and do my best to not only get the farms exactly what they need but try to keep getting better so we can reach our goal,” said Amy. ‪#‎billionpounds‬