IA-ARNG Child & Youth Program Teams up with the Deb and Jeff Hansen's Project: Food and Fellowship

posted on Thursday, October 3, 2019


The Deb and Jeff Hansen’s Project: Food and Fellowship helps organizations like the IA-ARNG Child & Youth Program (IA-ARNG CYP) make their events more special, meaningful and purposeful.

Military organizations oftentimes cannot fund food, take-home gifts, door prizes and all of the little things that help bring people together and create memories, and that’s where Project: Food and Fellowship comes in.

On Friday evening, the IA-ARNG CYP invited their military families to the Science Center of Iowa enjoy time together and provide their children and youth an opportunity to gain hand’s on STEM learning.

It was also an opportunity to spend time together as a family, and time with other military families. That they did. In fact, they had the run of the place, with families working their way from one fascinating science experiment the next.

And thanks to the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation, these families gathered for a sit down meal. Plates were piled high with pizza, fruit and dessert while kids and parents tried their hand at creative “conversation starter” activities laid out on each dining table.

IA-ARNG CYP organizers also purchased goodie bags with a board game—Codename—with Project: Food and Fellowship funds with the hope that it would encourage family bonding time at home.

We at the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation and Iowa Select Farms are grateful to all of our military families for their sacrifices to protect our freedom. #ProjectFoodandFellowship