Instilling Passion for Agriculture in the Next Generation

posted on Friday, April 29, 2022

Braylen Fischer“I am extremely passionate about what I do here,” said Brayden Fisher, a part-time Iowa Select Farms employee and junior at Iowa Falls-Alden High School. “I have always wanted to be a farmer, so working in this field is a dream come true. Not only does this job bring me one step closer to achieving my goals, but I really enjoy the people I work with.”

Brayden is one of our youngest employees here at Iowa Select Farms. His non-traditional position as a part-time GDU caretaker gives him the opportunity to maintain a flexible work schedule while also being a full-time high school student. He often works on weekends and has opportunities to work full days during the summer when school is out of session.

At Iowa Select Farms, our goal is to create and foster diversity, equity and inclusion. One of our core values is to treat everyone with respect, and no matter their age, race or gender, we strive to provide our employees with the support and opportunities they need to be successful.

As one of our youngest employees, Brayden represents our commitment to hiring a diverse group of ages. Our employees range in age from 16 to 75 years old. We are proud to support our employees who represent all different stages of life.

When Brayden considers what’s next for him after his high school graduation, he knows the pig industry will play a part in his future. He credits his dad and Iowa Select Farms for helping him discover this passion. His dad, Darian Fisher, has worked for Iowa Select Farms for 23 years. Darian’s commitment to Iowa Select Farms has inspired Brayden to follow in his footsteps. The father and son work side by side at the Marton/Hunt GDU where Brayden helps with the daily chores and breeding of the animals. It’s truly an intergenerational effort.

“The work can be challenging, but this opportunity has shown me if you continue to work hard and stick to it, the work will reward you in return,” said Brayden. “I’m so grateful to be able to learn about an industry I’m so passionate about from my dad who shares that passion.”

Brayden been a crucial team player at Iowa Select Farms. Even though he might not be on the farm every day, his willingness to work flexible hours gives full-time employees the opportunity to work flexible hours when they need to. He is also a great ambassador for the company, even recruiting one of his friends to work with him sometimes. With his background as a high school student, Brayden’s energy and new ideas make a difference on his farm and beyond.