Intern v. Supervisors Softball Game 2021

posted on Wednesday, August 18, 2021

Both softball teams pose for a group picture on the diamond.

The Annual Supervisor versus Intern softball game once again was a nail-biter, ending in Supervisors-36, Interns-6.

“While the interns fell short by 30 runs, the fact that they actually scored six had us nervous,” said Dan, director of sow production. Dan, a high school baseball standout from Postville, helped carry the team to victory, along with other members of the production and HR team.

The supervisor team admittedly kicked off the annual face-off with a slow start. “We were clearly rusty after the two-year hiatus,” said Lance, who manages Stockdale Sow Farm.

The first baseman tries to catch a ball and get an out but the runner is clearly too fast.

The interns, on the other hand, demonstrated consistent strength, agility, and coordination, touting one VIP player, Grace DeNeui, who earned bragging rights as a former state softball champion.

An early-on injury to another supervisor powerhouse, Dr. Pete, further gnawed at the fear that this may be the year they would lose, and lose big.

“We thought we were toast when Dr. Pete took a line drive to the Achilles,” said one spectator. No eyewitnesses could describe exactly how a ball hit the back of his leg, but all the supervisors recognized sidelining the star short stop may mean giving up their five-time winning streak.

But a big second half comeback resulted in a considerable number of runs for the supervisor team. And nothing got by them in the field, preventing the interns from hardly scoring any runs in the later innings of the game.

Some of the interns sit together eating dinner.

Another eyewitness, who asked to remain anonymous, said it’s highly suspicious that the exact moment the supervisors began to pull ahead was when their kids and even a few spouses began to join them on the field, thus beefing up the lines of defense.

After the accusations of cheating flew from the dugouts, both teams admitted to having active rosters that exceeded the standard ten players put forth by the MLB rules. Another anonymous eyewitness said, “We weren’t sure if some of the players were infielders, outfielders or even had a glove on. This was clearly not a regulation game and we would request an entire replay of the game, as there is a good chance it ended Interns-6, Supervisors-36.”


Four interns pose after the conclusion of the game.