Iowa Central Community College-Fort Dodge

posted on Wednesday, August 2, 2017

"About 67% of our students are food insecure," explained Janet Lansing, a student support specialist at Iowa Central Community College in Ft. Dodge. "The majority commute here for classes so they miss out on other local pantries. We provide a variety of services but this pantry is great for those special situations when someone just needs a helping hand."

It seems that everyone is out to help each other at Iowa Central Community College. "Our culinary program uses these loins to prepare meals for low income students," said Janet. "They take a lot of pride in the quality meal they're able to provide for students in need. There is typically one meal a month, but they often whip something special up on an as-needed basis."

In addition to monthly meals, Iowa Central organizes a special meal in December for homeless families and low-income students. "We do everything we can to support these students who are committed to furthering their education. School can be stressful enough and not being able to feed yourself or your family on top of that would be unimaginable. This donation is going to help so many students in need." #HaulOutHunger #BillionPlus