Iowa Select Farms Employee Doug Gilmore Inducted into 4-H Hall of Fame

posted on Monday, August 26, 2019

Doug and Cindy Gillmore have made their mark on the Hardin County 4-H, considered by many as the glue that holds the 4-H rabbit and poultry community together.

Doug, a longtime Iowa Select Farms employee and technician at Hunt gilt developer, and his wife, Cindy, both have a passion for helping 4-H kids. At the 2019 Iowa State Fair, they were inducted into the 4-H Hall of Fame for the 16 years of service to Hardin County 4-H.


Ever since their children, Amber, Amy and Nathan, began 4-H, Doug and Cindy were also “all in”, supporting their kids’ projects and helping other kids. For 16 years they’ve been involved in the Hardin County Fair, traveling to the Iowa State Fair with the families from the county, driving to weekend rabbit shows and hosting workshops to help other kids get involved.

Doug and Cindy said they love serving as the Hardin County Fair Rabbit and Poultry Superintendents, something they’ve done for ten years now. Doug puts his spare time towards projects that improve the poultry and rabbit shows and the barn. Both Doug and Cindy enjoy helping 4-Hers with their projects by hosting rabbit clinics and helping new 4-H families grow and improve their rabbit and poultry herds.

Doug even continued to raise show rabbits after his daughters graduated so 4-Hers would have someone local to purchase rabbits from for their 4-H project. Every year, Doug volunteers to tattoo rabbits for any 4-Hers that need it, free of charge.

Doug says he enjoys helping others, and watching the kids groom their rabbits in preparation for the show. He encourages the older kids to help the younger ones and share their knowledge and experience.

Congratulations to you, Doug and Cindy, on your induction into the 4-H Hall of Fame!