Iowa Select Farms' Family Continues to Grow

posted on Friday, October 5, 2018

Congratulations to our new team at Smyrna Sow Farm! Today we held a small celebration on a new sow farm near Woodburn, Iowa, coming together as an Iowa Select Farms family to recognize another milestone in our Homegrown Iowa adventure.

Bird's Eye View of Smyrna Sow Farm

The ribbon cut and photos snapped in honor of everyone’s hard work and contributions to the planning and construction, and in recognition of what livestock growth brings to Iowa’s rural communities. A collective cheer for the creation of 18 new, full time jobs and a $4.7M annual economic output into the local communities of Clarke, Wayne and Lucas counties, and across the state of Iowa.

Adam Swalla, Shaun Walkup and Megan Foster cut the ribbon on Iowa Select Farms' newest sow facility

During a short program, Director of Sow Production Dan Dean said it best. “Thank you to Jeff and the Hansen family in believing in us, and for every detail this farms delivers on our commitment to care for our people, our pigs, our environment and our communities.”

Director of Sow Production, Dan Dean

Stay tuned as we roll out stories on the crew as they prepare for gilts next Wednesday, and their first litters soon after! #HomegrownIowa