It's CyHawk Week

posted on Wednesday, September 11, 2019

It’s CyHawk Week!


This heated rivalry between the Cyclones and Hawkeyes has long been a tradition, perhaps felt most by their loyal fans throughout our great state. Here at Iowa Select Farms, we embrace it. It’s this week, especially, when ridiculous bets are wagered, and zingers fly freely as we lead up to what is one of the biggest in-state rivalries in college sports.


In fact, a mere mention of the matchup is sure to draw comments such as “Cyclowns” from “Lames,” followed by a quick punch-back along the lines of— What do Cyclone fans and Hawkeye fans have in common? Answer: Neither one went to the University of Iowa.

But what makes this rivalry special is the fact that it brings us all together. This special occasion is unique to Iowans and reminds us that we have a lot to be proud of—our state, our passionate fans, our outstanding universities and the fact that a large number of alumni choose to keep living in our state fueling the fire between these two teams. And remember, no matter how much one team is favored, the underdog always has a chance to win.


And do you know what makes football season even better?! Food. Great appetizers and a good meal always bring friends and family together! We encourage you to make pork part of your favorite gathering, whether it’s for the CyHawk game this Saturday, watching your favorite NFL game, or simply a Sunday evening supper.

From everyone at Iowa Select, have a fun and safe gameday weekend!