Jamie Schutt Receives Little Farmer Toy Box for Her Daycare

posted on Tuesday, February 22, 2022

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Jamie Schutt was nominated by her husband, Travis, a contractor of Iowa Select Farms. He shared how his wife cares for all the kids within her day care as her own and is flexible when hours on the farm start very early or sometimes go longer than anticipated.

“We chose for her to do day care so she could be around for the kids when needed. It gives us the flexibility to do what I love to do, raise pigs to be market hogs. I also work a full-time job with the City of Iowa Falls, so having flexibility is key.”

As we opened toys with the kids, Travis shared more of what it’s like to be a contractor for Iowa Select Farms.

“Iowa Select Farms goes the extra mile for those who depend on them like myself and my family. As contractors, they do many things for us they don’t have to do, and we appreciate their care for their people and the small communities we live in. It’s something special to be a part of a company like that.”

Jamie was overwhelmed with the generosity of the toys and how Henry’s Heroes chose to uplift day cares and share their stories.

“I see articles online painting day cares negatively, so this toy box was a morale booster for me,” said Jamie. “My day care families are great, and I know they appreciate me, but it’s always nice to have someone else show their appreciation for what we do.”

Toys within her day care are generally used, so to have new toys still in boxes was special.

“Most of my day care toys were donated to me when I first started nine years ago, or I buy used when I can,” said Jamie. “This donation breathes new life into my day care, and I’m excited to teach the kids about farming. Something that is not just important to my family and community, but the world.”

“What a rewarding feeling to give back to something so vital to our business,” said Ali Kraber, a representative of the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation who visited with Jamie and Travis while delivering the toy box. “Through every Little Farmer Toy Box delivery, we get the opportunity to listen to what it is like to be a day care provider. The ups and downs, the long hours, and the late evenings. It just brings full circle how critical day cares are to the long-term sustainability of rural Iowa and agriculture.”
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