Jensen G125 Wins Top Honors

posted on Friday, May 14, 2021

Jensen Team
“It’s our commitment to teamwork,” said Roy, manager of one of the winningest gilt developers at Iowa Select Farms. “We’ve all agreed sticking together is the best thing for the four of us, our farm and our animals.”

Congratulations the team at Jensen G125 on being named the 2020’s top gilt developer. Located just north of Clarkesville, over the last two years the Jensen team has celebrated four quarterly wins and the top spots for both 2019 and 2020.

“On this farm we all know what needs to get done each day,” said Roy. “We choose to work as a group and a team, not individually. That’s what makes us so efficient.”

“They are very structured, and they all know their roles,” said supervisor Jeremiah. “They have the same routine that never changes. Their consistency is what makes them successful. The Jensen team keeps their mortality low and their breeding levels high.”

Roy’s team is comprised of Roy Jr., Todd and Jealousy. His son is Roy Jr. and Jealousy is his granddaughter. “My son and I have worked together practically our whole lives and now we have a third generation with us.” Along with Todd, the four of them have had great cross-training, which allows them to know every role in their farm. Jensen practices the same routine, over and over. With their experience working together, it is no surprise they are the overall GDU for 2020.

“We were very fortunate that all of us remained healthy,” says Roy Jr. as he reflects on the year 2020. “It felt like any other year working at Iowa Select Farms.” Roy has been with Iowa Select Farms for over 15 years and has been a manager 14 of those years. He started out working with sows but has been at Jensen ever since its opening.

Over time, Roy says the Jensen team have not wavered much from their routine. “Day in and day out, our consistency works. We’ve welcomed improvements in technology and adapted to new processes. But what makes us work is running a steady operation, together.”

Congratulations once again to our 2020 Overall GDU, Jensen. Keep up the great work!