Jensen GDU Claims 1st Place Spot

posted on Friday, November 8, 2019

Congratulations to Jensen G125 for claiming the first-place spot… again!


The farm supplies bred gilts for Sows 23, 24 and 27.

“We just work to be the best that we can every single week,” said Roy Sr. “All of my employees have been here for several years so they have the knowledge to hit the goals that we needing to be hitting. If that happens to put us in the number one or two spot, we think that’s great.”

According to everyone at the farm, the key to their success is consistency. “We do the same things the same way every day,” explained Roy Jr. “We try to have fun along the way and make
the job interesting. What this farm does a good job at is how everyone works well together.”

Aaron, who’s been at the farm for two years, says the atmosphere at the
farm is great. “Everyone gets along pretty good which makes the days go by fast,” he said. “It also helps to have a supervisor that you get a long with, does a good job leading the farm and that you look forward to seeing every day. That makes a big difference.”

“This is a group of guys that has found what works for them and they don’t waver from it,” said director of GDUs, Jeremiah Hall. “Each person has a certain task and then they come together to breed and heat check. Their numbers are always very, very consistent.”