Jensen GDU Claims 1st Place Spot...Again!

posted on Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Congratulations to the team at Jensen G125 for winning SelectPride… again! This isn’t the first time the farm team has been featured on Facebook—they placed first nearly every quarter in 2019 and even took home the overall top spot. They continued momentum from last year and finished quarter one strong.


“Jensen does a really nice job of staying consistent,” said Jeremiah Hall, GDU Director. “I think the thing that keeps them at the top is they execute consistently day in, day out, and that execution is from everybody on the farm.”

In addition to farm manager, Roy Alden, the team at Jensen is comprised of Roy Alden Jr, Aaron Drewelow and Todd Franke. All four emphasize the need for daily animal and site care.

“You’ve got to be in the pens looking at and touching every single pig, every single day,” said Aaron. “That way if you see something, you can address it immediately. We spend a lot of time on our daily observations.”


spAnd if the farm’s SelectPride track record doesn’t speak for itself, the success of the sow farms they flow into does. Most recently, Thorsen Sow 24 and Erickson Sow 23 earned the first and second place spots in sow farm SelectPride rankings. Both farms receive their gilts from Jensen.

“The gilts we receive are well-conditioned and we appreciate that,” said Caleb, Sow 24 farm manager. “Our farrowing numbers are great right now, they’re really strong. We appreciate all that the team at Jensen does that help us see these strong production numbers.”

For Roy, who has worked at Iowa Select Farms for fifteen years, it’s not about the plaques or recognition. It’s about showing up at his farm every day and working alongside his team to do the best they possible can.


"You know, we just work to be the best that we can weekly and if that puts us in the number one or number two spot, that's great," he said. "We just have employees who have several years at Iowa Select Farms, know our goals and how to hit them."

Congratulations on your continued success Roy, Roy Jr, Aaron and Todd!