Jensen GDU Tops the SelectPride Again

posted on Saturday, January 7, 2023

Jensen Team
Jensen gilt developer is again at the top of the SelectPride list for multiple quarters, and this time we hear from Ron Alden Jr., the son of manager Roy Alden.

No surprises here. Roy Jr. says the key to great pig care is consistency, consistent with his dad’s message in previous stories.

“To be a well-run farm, you have to keep the same routine and follow the protocols, so the pigs get consistent care,” said Roy Jr., who said consistency is not just a benefit to the pigs but also the people.

“I’ve found that if people know the schedule and their role, you have better success,” he said. “We stay organized here, work as a team, and everyone knows what to do. And, because of the years of pig experience we have between my dad, myself and Todd, we have the luxury to train our newer team members properly—Roy Jr.’s daughter, Jealously Alden and his nephew, Jackson Anderson—and give them jobs they are good at doing.”

Roy says he’s thankful that the team is tight-knit because they can count on each other, and everyone cares about each other. “We’re friends and family here at Jensen,” said Roy Jr.

Congrats to Roy Alden, Roy Alden Jr., Todd Franke’s, Jealousy Alden and Jackson Anderson on your continued success at Jensen gilt developer!