Jerri Celebrates 20 Years with Iowa Select Farms

posted on Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Congrats to Jerri for celebrating 20 years with Iowa Select Farms!

While many employees have memories about their first experience working with pigs, Jerri’s might be one of our favorites. “Me and my sisters decided to surprise my brother with a pig for his birthday and well, that turned us into pig farmers I guess,” she laughed. “I’ve always loved working with animals, ever since I was little.”

Jerri has worked in several farms throughout her 20-year career with Iowa Select Farms. Currently, she helps chore and care for animals at Stalker #1 and Kerrigan, but she jokes that she’s worked everywhere except for sow farms.

“When they need someone somewhere, I usually get moved and get the job done,” she said. “I can do just about anything that needs done and enjoy helping others out. It’s a good job for me.”

For Jerri, teamwork has always been a big priority of hers. “Helping others and lending a hand when possible has always been important to me,” she said. “To me, showing you care means a lot and eventually, you’ll find yourself needing help someday day, too. Kindness goes a long way, no matter where you work.”

At work, Jerri enjoys keeping farm’s clean and tidy, and keeping a watchful eye over the pigs. “I just enjoy taking care of them every day,” she said. “Many of them have personalities that keep you on your toes, which can be challenging but also fun.”

Having fun is also a priority for Jerri, which is no surprise if you’ve ever had the opportunity to work alongside her. “You gotta’ find humor in every day,” she said. “That’s been easy because I’ve worked alongside a lot of good people over the years and formed many friendships. Having fun and loving your job is very important.”

Outside of work, Jerri enjoys spending time with her daughters, Andrea and Becky, and watching her grandson, Vernon (as ornery as he may be!), grow. “Just like the pigs, he keeps me on my toes,” Jerri laughed. “We try to prioritize time together as a family, whether it’s a lunch or dinner, family is very important.”

Now that she’s got 20 years under her belt, Jerri is just enjoying every day as a it comes. “I show up to work and try to raise healthy pigs, that’s the name of the game,” she said. “I enjoy the company, the pigs and the people, and I don’t think I could ask for much for than that.”

Congrats to celebrating 20 years with Iowa Select Farms, Jerri. We are grateful to have you and your “can-do” attitude on our team.