Jesse and Jerri Take First Place in Select Pride-Multiplication

posted on Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Jess and Jerri SP
“Giving great animal care daily not only sets these pigs up for a healthy life, but it sets up our system for success,” said Jesse Cole, a multiplication pod manager for Iowa Select Farms.

“Jerri and I believe in always doing the right thing for our pigs, and we’re proud to be leaders in production results.”
Jesse Cole, multiplication pod manager, and Jerri Stewart, multiplication technician, have done it again, taking first place in SelectPride multiplication rankings for several quarters in a row.

While only working side by side since August 2021, you would think these two have been on the same team for years.

Tysen Abell, their supervisor, says Jerri and Jesse have decades of pig care experience, each having strengths that complement each other.

Jerri—who has been with Iowa Select Farms for 20 years--cares for this farm daily. She says having meaningful and purposeful work for her to do makes a difference.

“I have a natural love for animals and enjoy my work of carefully evaluating each pig’s needs,” said Jerri.

Jess—a 15-year veteran of the company—brings steadfast leadership and drives for good production results. Since they have been together, the duo has won or placed in every quarter of the Select Pride competition, putting at least of their nurseries, if not both, in the top three.

But while these two have had quite the run, there’s a shift happening in our multiplication system. Jesse and Jerri will no longer be working together as Jesse is moving on to manage a new set of farms—Sammons, Damewood, Huls and eventually Lenox, all multiplication growers in southern Iowa. He’s now teamed up with Daniel Page and eventually Shelby Mathes.

Jerri—who is now paired with manager Audrey Whittington—is staying at Kerrigan and will also be caring for Lark and Priest.

Jesse says he really enjoyed working with Jerri. They made a great team, and he knows there is a bright future ahead for both of them.

In fact, with these two splitting up, we think the competition for multiplication Select Pride will heat up.

Keep up the great work, Jesse and Jerri!