Jesse Celebrates 15 Years of Working at Iowa Select Farms

posted on Tuesday, June 8, 2021

“When I started this job, I had no idea how much I would learn about pigs and myself,” said Jesse, a gilt developer unit (GDU) manager at Glenview, just north of Afton.

Congratulations to Jesse as we celebrate him and his 15 years of work with Iowa Select Farms!

Jesse kicked off his career at Ochylski Sow Farm in 2006. He then worked at several different farms— sow farms, multiplication and GDU’s, ultimately expanding his skill set. Managing Rasmussen and helping at Blanchard and Lynch, then moving to Dolecheck and Priest, all of which are multiplication farms. Jesse also helped open Stamps, a GDU near Diagonal, before eventually landing closer to home—Glenview, where he has been the manager for the last three years.

Having cared for animals at a variety of farms, Jesse brings a vast knowledge of pig care to his current farm.

“I love getting new pigs in,” Jesse says about his favorite part of his job. “Being able to get them started and seeing the growth of those pigs is really special.”

Over the years, Jesse has seen many changes within the industry, but the biggest of those is biosecurity. “Keeping our pigs healthy is what is most important. I appreciate that Iowa Select Farms is at the front of industry changes and advancements.”

Above all else though, Jesse says that he loves what Iowa Select Farms does outside of farming. “Jeff and Deb Hansen give to their employees and Iowa communities and people notice. They really are making a difference.”

A father of four, Jesse goes home to his wife and kids and their farm in Thayer where they raise a few cows and some goats.

Thank you, Jesse for your time working at Iowa Select Farms and congratulations on 15 years!