Jewell Food Pantry

posted on Thursday, August 3, 2017

Our journey to Haul Out Hunger was slightly different this morning and our team split into two different groups to make deliveries as quick and efficient as possible. After all, with the July 4th holiday quickly approaching, we had to make sure individuals and families in need received pork loins!

Our second stop was at the Jewell Food Pantry, located inside the Bethesda Lutheran Church, where we met up with pantry coordinators Susan Lund and Barb Johnston.

“We serve close to 40 food insecure families a month and to say they are excited about this donation would be an understatement,” said Lund. "The Jewell Food Pantry as been up and running for what seems like forever!"

Together, Susan and Barb have been coordinating the small, but mightly pantry for nearly two years.

“The size of these loins are perfect of our families, plus there are so many different options for how they cook it," said Barn. "The possibilities are endless!"

We're hoping that our delivery of 200 pounds of pork goes a long way for the community of Jewell. We sure appreciate all of the hard work and efforts the community is making to help us haul out hunger in the state of Iowa!

Next stop, Cambridge!