Jolene Celebrates 15 Years with Iowa Select Farms

posted on Thursday, June 18, 2020

Congratulations to Jolene for celebrating 15 years with Iowa Select Farms!


Jolene has a special appreciation for all the moms, dads and caregivers hunkered down at home with their little ones right now. She jokes that the reason she came to work at Iowa Select Farms was because her kids, whom she loves dearly, were driving her crazy.

Jolene joined the Iowa Select Farms team in 2005 as a production accounting analyst. It was a position she held up until 2015 when she transitioned to the transportation team to help with weaned pig movements. In between that adjustment, Jolene even spent time working at Sow 117. Although she’s not weaning pigs herself these days, she still plays a big role in the transport of all weaned pig movements as transportation scheduling coordinator.

“On any given week we coordinate the movement of 120,000 weaned pigs,” she said. “Basically, when a sow farm has pigs to wean, we schedule them a truck and safely get their pigs to a nursery or finisher. It’s a lot of moving parts every single day.”

Jolene also plays a big role in record keeping, contract driver payments and all the odds and ends in between. And although she’d never admit it, we know she’s responsible for keeping all of the guys out at the truck wash in line, as well. Their department has seen a huge increase in movements as the company has grown in the past four years.

“No matter the role I’ve held, my favorite part has always been the people,” she said. “From the friends I made at the office to Allan at Sow 117 and now the guys at the truck wash. I’ve worked with a lot of good people.”

Outside of work, Jolene has been enjoying added family time with her husband, Jason, and daughters Taylor and Emma. Like many families, they’ve been getting creative about how to spend their time and dusted the cobwebs off their Wii gaming system. Bowling seems to be her favorite these days; however, she is looking forward to the days that her family can go camping and kayaking again.

“We are definitely going a little stir crazy, I think everyone is, but it’s nice to have a stable job that cares for us,” she said. “Iowa Select Farms has always been that way in the fifteen years that I’ve worked here. They take good care of their people.”

Congratulations on 15 years, Jo! We’re lucky to have a dedicated person like you on our team.