Keep Pushing! #Billionpounds

posted on Sunday, June 19, 2016

We had no problem filling our posterboard with signatures of employees and contractors who pledged their commitment to keep pushing towards our billion pound goal. “There were so many families that stopped by, and they were all excited to sign the board,” said Jacque, who was manning this particular scavenger hunt station during Adventureland Days on Friday. “Everyone instantly knew what the question meant to them and how they were going to answer it.”

And we heard some outstanding answers! “More babies,” “sparkling clean semis,” “staying safe,” “biosecurity,” “vaccinating pigs to keep them healthy,” and many, many responses of “doing the best I can to care for the pigs.”

“Everyone was humble and downplayed what they do, but I could tell they were proud of their contributions,” said Jacque. “It was amazing to see so many families from all across Iowa come together to be a part of this great outing, sign the board and have so much enthusiasm and commitment for the goal.” ‪#‎billionpounds‬