Kendall Young Public Library Excited to Receive Henry's Heroes STEM Cart

posted on Monday, July 3, 2023

Exciting news for the Kendall Young Public Library in Webster City!

According to Ketta Lubberstedt-Ayes, the librarian at Kendall Young Library, incorporating STEM activities into children's learning is crucial. With a generous donation, we can now enhance our programs with STEM-based learning. Our popular STEM Carnivals will be even more amazing with problem-solving activities.”

Kendall Young Library is a hub for over 100 students daily, especially during summer.

“This was my hometown library growing up,” said Chad Hill, the Iowa Select Farms employee who nominated the library. Chad points out that Webster City is also the hub of many of our farms, which means the community and library serves many Iowa Select Farms families.

When we visited the Kendall Young Library to donate the STEM cart, we were amazed by the dedication they have for their children's program. It's a true sanctuary that prioritizes learning and fun. Kids of all ages are invited to hang out and engage in exciting activities.
Kendall Young  Pub Library staff with STEM cart