Kerrigan Earns Select Pride Honors

posted on Thursday, April 14, 2022

Jessi and Jerri standin outside of Kerrigan
“Great animal care is paying close attention to every pig we raise to make sure they’re happy,” said Jerri, a multiplication technician for Iowa Select Farms. “The healthiest pigs are the happiest ones, and that’s why we pour so much energy into our animal care.”

Congratulations to Jesse and Jerri of Kerrigan, a multiplication nursery, on tying for first place in their SelectPride category.

Production results determine the top five multiplication nurseries and growers in Iowa Select Farms each quarter. We often have a tie for first place, which happened during the third quarter between Kerrigan and Patel.

“Being in the top five farms is important because it shows that production leaders recognize all the hard work,” said Jesse. “Jerri and I make a great pair and bring different practices to our daily pig care, making us stronger.”

“Of course, we would love to be the only farm in first place,” jokes Jerri. “It makes us work harder and take a different look at what tiny details will ultimately make the difference.”

Even though these two have only been working together since August, they find success in the various experiences of working with pigs. Jesse worked at several gilt developer units (GDUs) before transitioning to the multiplication team, which gave him a different perspective on pigs. “I know how essential it is for me and Jerri to do a phenomenal job sorting and selecting pigs that will eventually move to GDUs and finishing farms,” he said. “As members of the multiplication team, it’s our job to think ahead and set others up for success.”

“Jesse and Jerri are very experienced and have been with us since the inception of our southern Iowa multiplication system,” said Tysen, a multiplication supervisor. “They are both extremely detail-oriented and make sure they do a good job, no matter what.”

Being pork producers is a way of life for these two. As for the future, Jerri says they will keep pushing forward and finding ways to diversify themselves. “We’ve set our sights on a larger gap between other farms in our production results, but ultimately, raising safe pork will always be our goal,” said Jerri.