Kicking Off the Last Day of Power Snack 2021!

posted on Monday, November 22, 2021

On the 10th day of Power Snack, the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation brought coupons to the South Hardin Schools: Home of the Tigers.

We started the day by visiting Hubbard-Radcliffe Elementary, followed by a stop at South Hardin Middle School. Next, in Eldora, we visited both South Hardin High School and ENP Elementary School.

In total, we delivered 1,800 Power Snack coupon booklets to this district, each with a coupon for $5 worth of deli ham and a $3 coupon for a loaf of whole wheat bread. Additionally, each school was given 200 pork snack sticks to provide immediate hunger relief. With many families facing food insecurity issues, long school breaks and holidays bring added stress on providing meals for children. The Power Snack program, being in its ninth year, continues to fight childhood hunger in Iowa.

Jen hands powersnack stuff to school

Dr. Adam Zellmer, Superintendent of South Hardin Community School District, expressed his gratitude for once again including his district in the Power Snack program. "We can provide our students with breakfast and lunch each day but we have many families that struggle to provide those substantial meals on the weekends," he said. "This program helps out a lot of our students and gives them the opportunity to each protein filled meals."

We have a few more stops left yet today. Check back to see where we're headed next.