Kim and Kaci in Iowa Falls Receive Little Farmer Toy Box

posted on Monday, March 21, 2022

Kim &Kaci
“During the Covid outbreak, through great communication with the parents, Kim and Kaci kept the daycare open almost the whole time,” said Chris, an employee of Iowa Select Farms. “This was a huge hurdle to get past for essential employees like myself, and with a day care like Kim and Kaci, I was able to continue working and know my daughter was safe. To have a day provider that you can trust with your child is one of the most important decisions you make as a parent, especially during the most challenging times.”

Our second stop on the snowy morning of the seventh day of deliveries was a small in-home day care in Iowa Falls. Kim had converted her entire basement into a beautiful little day care area. Like many day cares, they have had to manage through some tough times during the global pandemic. Farmers were deemed essential workers along with our day care providers.

“Through adjustments, protocols, and constant communication, Iowa day cares, and providers have prevailed over some of the most difficult circumstances,” said Ali Kraber, a Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation representative. We knew there was no better time to give back to a part of our community we could not live without because of the cost of inflation and daycare's trying to remain affordable.”

As we opened toys and helped little ones explore all the new goodies, Kim shared how important learning materials are to her day care.

“There are many hours in a day when you are watching kiddos, so toys, books and good learning materials are just as essential as day care itself,” said Kim. “I think it’s extraordinary a company would give back to the day cares they employee use, but to go the extra mile and provider such wonderful items for learning and creativity, that really shows the extra work Iowa Select Farms along with the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation put into making this donation so valuable day care providers like myself.”