Lane: Proactive Training and Tools Drives Good Pig Care

posted on Thursday, October 6, 2022

Lane outside his farm with the feeder

“This is a proactive company, so you know what you are getting into each week,” said Lane Bass, a finishing contractor for Iowa Select Farms.

“Whether it’s training or assessments, I always have all the tools I need to get the job done.”

Lane has worked for Iowa Select Farms for over 18 years, and he’s well-known within the company for his hard work and dedication that yields high-quality results.

“Lane is a great caretaker,” said Tom Boge, a finishing supervisor for Iowa Select Farms. “It is always a friendly competition when it comes to production results with Lane, his results are always in the top tier, and it goes to show how dedicated and driven he is to do the right thing for the animals.”

Lane has become so good at what he does because he takes advantage of feedback from his production well-being assessments. In 2021, the production well-being team conducted 724 annual animal care assessments, 662 of which were on finishing farms like the ones Lane is accountable for.

Top-notch pig care 24/7/365 is our job at Iowa Select Farms, and our production well-being assessments are essential to enforcing protocols and facilitating constructive, educational conversations with farm crews. Lane has seen the value of these conversations firsthand.

“You start to know what to expect from the assessments after a while,” he said. “If you’ve been continuously doing the right thing, the assessments are a breeze. They are great for pointing out the little things that we might start to miss over time which leads to big improvements in the long run.”

“When I was looking for a new job, Iowa Select Farms was on the cutting edge of raising hogs,” said Lane. "Since I started, I have seen a lot of change and become even more organized. No matter what happens, we are always moving forward and improving to be the best out there.”

Thanks to producers like Lane, who are committed to continual improvement, high-quality animal care and top-notch biosecurity, we can humanly raise healthy and productive animals in a comfortable and safe environment, protecting every pig every day.