Lark Nursery Wins Q4 and SelectPride Overall for 2020

posted on Thursday, June 3, 2021

Congratulations to the team at Lark nursery on winning Q4 and 2020 SelectPride Overall Multiplication Nursery! After sitting down with Cody, the farm’s manager, it is clear he has the heart to take care of nursery pigs.

Multiplication nurseries grow pigs that are newly weaned from a multiplier sow farm, meaning they are only a few weeks old when they arrive. As a manager, Cody ensures that these pigs are comfortable in their environment.

Having been at Lark since its opening in 2019, Cody has taken this farm as his own, keeping it in great shape. From the cleanliness to the organization, Lark shines from the inside out. He likes to start the day by tackling what his supervisor Tysen calls “little pebbles.”. Once all of the small tasks are complete, as well as the larger tasks, Cody feels comfortable leaving the farm knowing everything is done.

Multiplication supervisor Courtney says, “I know I can always trust him to do the right thing for our animals every day. Whether it is keeping an extra close eye on one pig or a whole group, he knows what it means to give great pig care.” She continues, “He has always treated everyone with such respect and will do anything to help the team out, including spending free time to help out at other farms.”

After having such successful end to the year, Cody wants to keep his team’s momentum going. Nikki and Jerri, Cody’s two caretakers who work with him at his farms, play integral roles in the success of Cody’s farms. They live by Iowa Select’s four pillars as guidance daily, sharing that it keeps them grounded.

People Care: It’s a team effort. Cody says that every member of the team is crucial to the success of our farms. From supervisors, to techs, veterinarians, and truck drivers, each brings a new perspective and experience to the team. He likes to make sure that whoever is visiting his farms feels like it is their farm too.

Animal Care: An extra little bit goes a long way. Everyone needs a little extra love and attention, even if it’s something as simple as a back scratch. Cody reminds us that our animals are everything to our success.

Community Care: Our neighbors all over our Homegrown Iowa communities. Our farms are part of our rural communities, and Cody is proud to say that he works for Iowa Select Farms. He says people often ask him where they can buy our pork, and he’s happy to share. Cody also enjoys participating in our pork loin giveaways and checking up on the Little Free Pantry in his hometown of Lenox.

Environment Care: Take responsibility for your footprint. Cody reminds us to all play our part in taking care of our environment. He and his team walk the outside of their farms regularly to pick up trash. Cody also passes a few other Iowa Select farms during his commute and will stop to pick up any straggling garbage on the side of road.

Cody and his team send a great reminder of why our pillars give direction in pig care every day. Keep up the great work, Cody!