Last Little Farmer Toy Box Delivered to Ann in Ellsworth

posted on Friday, April 1, 2022

Ann's Day Care
That’s a wrap!!

We officially wrapped up the final delivery of the Little Farmer Toy Box with a stop in Ellsworth. This little in-home day care has meant the world to David and his wife Lynda, both employees of Iowa Select Farms. Their little girl, who is Spanish speaking only, has been welcomed into Ann’s care with open arms while both David and Lynda work.

“She is so genuine and helpful to our little girl,” said David. “With our early morning schedules and the occasional late evenings that come to carrying for animals, we know our little girl is always safe and having fun with Ann. She is beyond understanding of our circumstances and we just could not be more thankful for her and everything she does for us. She is a part of our family in the most special way.”

As we walked into the dedicated play area for the little ones in Ann’s home, she discussed how she was surprised by the donation, but so thankful to breathe new life into her play area with a lot of new toys, books and learning activities.

“You don’t always think people outside of the parents whose kids you care for you are thinking of you,” said Ann. “So when I first got the call about the donation, I was a little shocked. As I was able to go through the toys and just see the thought that went into the Little Farmer Toy Box, I was just overwhelmed with joy. It just shows how much the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation and Iowa Select Farms cares about people in the community and are willing to give back in such a meaningful way to people they have never even met.”

“It is people like Ann who are part of the reason the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation chooses to give back to day cares in our communities through the Henry’s Heroes program,” said Ali Kraber, a representative of the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation. “She strives to do the absolute best for the little ones she cares for no matter what the circumstances may be. We couldn’t thank her enough for the dedication, time and work she gives all the little ones who walk into her home.”