Learning About Agriculture in Winterset

posted on Tuesday, March 15, 2022

We spent the afternoon in Winterset at The Children's Jungle. A day care that has meant so much to Robin and her family.

“This center has meant the world to my whole family,” said Robin, a payroll specialist for Iowa Select Farms. “They have really taken my granddaughter under their wing and helped her grow. They go above and beyond to help kids become the best versions of themselves.”

A daycare like The Children’s Jungle emphasizes learning and incorporates that into every classroom, no matter the age. Robin felt the Little Farmer Toy Box would be fitting to help aid that learning environment, and we could not agree more.

“These toys will help all kids learn about farming and agriculture, along with colors, letters, numbers and other important skills,” said Robin. “The community at The Children's Jungle emphasizes learning into each and every room. Every day when I get to pick up my granddaughter, she shares what she learned. It tells me how valuable it is to have excellent learning materials like the Little Farmer Toy Box available."

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, playtime sharpens children’s minds, refines their social skills, stokes their imaginations and helps keep their bodies healthy. Through playtime, children develop into resilient, self-reliant adults who can connect, empathize and make meaningful contributions to their communities.

“We specifically picked items for the Little Farmer Toy Box that will help cultivate a learning and creative environment,” said Ali Kraber, a representative of Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation. “We know learning is such a vital part of a good day care experience, and we wanted to make sure we were a part of that success while giving back to our day cares and day care providers.”

group photo with two toy boxes

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