Little Farmer Toy Box

posted on Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Stacie's Daycare and Kids

“Without people like Stacie, our rural communities would not be the same,” said Ali Kraber, a representative of the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation. “The time, commitment and flexibility provided by our rural day care providers really ensure that parents have the option to work, rural employers opportunity to flourish and farmers the ability to feed the world.”

We spent a snowy morning opening toys in Stacie’s in-home day care in Greenfield. Like so many in-home day cares, Stacie has a dedicated space set up for kiddos to play, learn, sleep and eat an endless number of snacks while in her care. Something that is not common in her day care is new toys, so the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation was happy to give back to a day care that means so much to the small rural community of Greenfield.

“My toys are hand-me-downs or second-hand, nothing is usually given to me brand new like the Little Farmer Toy Box donation,” said Stacie. “The Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation hit it out of the park when it comes to providing toys that are great for learning, creativity and just overall fun. There is a lot of hours in a day when you are caring for kids, so I am so thankful to have a refresh of new toys and learning materials for my little day care kiddos.

Stacie was nominated by Amber, an employee of Iowa Select Farms, who wanted to give back to the day care that not only means a lot to her family but a lot to the farming community.

“Stacie loves the farm lifestyle and she passes that love onto her day care kids who come from farm backgrounds, many on generational family farms,” said Amber. “Her big heart and generosity show through every day when caring for her day care kids. Through some of the hardest times, Stacie has been a constant and needed structure in the lives of the families she provides day care for and we couldn't ever say thank you enough."

Little boy playing with red itemsLittle girl with puzzle