Little Farmer Toy Box Delivered in Holstein!

posted on Tuesday, March 8, 2022

“She loves to teach,” said Tyler, an employee of Iowa Select Farms. “From reading and writing to farming and agriculture, a Little Farmer Toy Box will give her lots of opportunities to teach kids about what’s important in Iowa-farming.”

At Kristina’s Kidde Care, Kristina has converted her entire basement and equipped it with everything from a trampoline to a dedicated learning area. As we opened new toys for the kids, she was overwhelmed with the generosity of Iowa Select Farms and the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation and thankful this will help update some needed books and learning materials.

“From the moment the toy box was dropped off, the kids were playing for hours and didn’t want to go home when it came time,” said Kristina. “Most of the kids I watch have a parent or grandparent who is a farmer, and this is a great way to help teach them different things about farming. These kids all hold a special place in my heart; I love watching them learn and grow into amazing kids. I just cannot thank Iowa Select Farms and the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation enough for giving back to day care providers like me.”

“The care and passion our day care providers like Kristina have matters deeply to the health and sustainability of our communities,” said Ali Kraber, a representative of the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation. “Without them, the farming and agriculture sector of Iowa would not survive. As we uplift our day cares, share their stories and give back to them, we need to know that it doesn’t stop here; we must continue to help the people that help us so much and allow our rural economies to thrive.”

kids pose by toybox

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