Little Farmer Toy Box Goes to Teena in Leon

posted on Wednesday, March 30, 2022

Teena's daycare
“We set out on a mission to give back to day cares in our Homegrown Iowa communities to say thank you, but this mission has become so much more,” said Ali Kraber, a representative of the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation. “We are sharing stories of just how impactful day cares are to the generations in rural Iowa. Kids who will grow up to also live here, take over family farms and help rural Iowa thrive. What a fun way to bring things full circle by not only donating agriculture-inspired toys but sharing the heartfelt stories of the importance of our day care providers.”

We kicked off the ninth day of deliveries at a home in Leon dedicated to providing one thing – day care to littles ones in the Leon and surrounding communities. Teena has done in home day cares for nearly three decades, she decided to dedicate a home in town just for day care to help working parents.

“Teena always steps up and helps the community when they are in need,” said Kailey, an employee of Iowa Select Farms. “She has dedicated a home in town just for day care, she makes sure kids have everything they need to fill their days with fun and creativity while parents work. She has such a passion to ensure our community thrives when day care options are limited. We just owe her a huge thank you for everything.”

As we played with toys and chatted, Teena talked about what it’s like providing day care in a rural community and the generations of families she has cared for.

“Day care in rural communities is just essential, so to help out a community I love, I decided day care was something I needed to do,” said Teena. “I love watching kids, seeing them grow and become the people they become. I have been doing this long enough I am now watching the second generation of kids I watched nearly 30 years ago, which makes me happy. You know you did something good when parents of kids you watched decide to have their kids in your care.”

Teena's kids playing