Locally Grown Grain, Quality Feed

posted on Friday, November 10, 2017

As Iowa corn and soybean growers are continuously looking for ways to improve profitability for their farming operations, we are proud to be a local and longtime customer for their grain.

Many Hamilton County grain farmers deliver their corn and soybeans to the New Coop Feed Mill in Duncombe, Iowa. Iowa Select Farms annually purchases 145,000 tons of feed out of that same mill. Locally grown, quality feed.

Between our eight sow farms in Hamilton County, the animals will consume 852,856 bushels of corn (4,201 acres) and 138,322 bushels of soybeans (2,286 acres).

Add in our nursery and finishing farms and our total corn and soybean consumption is 3,669,224 million bushels of corn (18,075 acres) and 1,063,968 bushels of corn (17,586 acres).

We’ve also worked DDGs into our diet, and each week buy 2,000 tons of ethanol by-products from POET, located right outside of Jewell.