Madeline Doudt,

posted on Sunday, September 22, 2019


Madeline Doudt grew up in Indiana – but we won’t hold that against her. Music and art run in her family, but her parents encouraged her to find her own passion. In high school, she joined FFA and found herself drawn to agriculture, “the experience I had as an FFA member was a game changer,” she says.

While at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana, she worked at the swine teaching and research farm while earning a degree in animal science.

Madeline’s fiancé accepted a job offer with John Deere—in Iowa, and they moved to Waukee the week following graduation. She got to work finding a job. “I knew Iowa was big into pigs, and was hopeful there would be a spot for me in the swine industry.”

In June, Madeline accepted a job offer for a production accounting position, where she’s responsible for inputting data, generating reports and providing critical information to the production leadership team. “I didn’t realize I would love the company so much,” she says. “It’s fascinating, and I’m excited for where this will take me.”