Maintenance Tech Recognized for 20 Years at Iowa Select

posted on Monday, December 20, 2021

“I’m a natural tinkerer and love to learn new things,” said Pat, a maintenance technician who recently celebrated 20 years with Iowa Select Farms. “I like putting my abilities to work, and also like the support this company give to things I care about.”

Pat joined the maintenance team in 2001 as he was finishing up his technical training to become an electrician. While still taking his courses, he was one of just a few who served the southern Iowa maintenance farms.

Once he earned his certification, Pat’s responsibilities grew, giving him the satisfaction of bringing unique problem solving and service to the farms.

As Iowa Select Farms grew, so did the maintenance team. “I was paired with a lot of the new technicians to help train and mention them,” said Pat. “It’s been rewarding to me to help pass along what I have learned from my years of experience.”

pat poses by his truck

Pat says the best advice he gives is to keep an open mind. “Always be open to learning new things,” said Pat. “For someone just beginning, it’s important to remember that the skills will come naturally and to not get frustrated.”

Pat has stayed at Iowa Select Farms for two decades, not only because he loves putting his natural abilities to work, but for what the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation does for so many Iowans.

As a member of the Patriot Guard for the past six years, Pat feels personally moved by the foundation’s military efforts.

“I enjoy giving my time to those who have sacrificed so much for our freedoms and appreciate how much the company does, too,” said Pat. “On weekends, I ride to different county Freedom Rocks to visit the memorials Bubba Sorensen has painted.”

In his spare time, Pat also enjoys woodworking, metalworking and fixing old Maytag engines.

Thank you, Pat, and keep up the great work!