Major General Tim Orr presents award to Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation

posted on Wednesday, May 25, 2016

“We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give,” very special guest, Major General Tim Orr of the Iowa National Guard, opened with this Winston Churchill quote when he stopped by our 2016 Symposium last week to offer his gratitude to the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation and all they’ve done for the Iowa military—a very powerful and heartfelt moment indeed.

“I come here on behalf of all the Iowa military and airmen in Iowa to say thank you,” Major General Tim Orr said as he presented an incredibly meaningful award to the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation. “Your pork care packages mean so much to our Soldiers, and for many of them, it means a home-cooked meal to bring their families to together—something they might not have had otherwise. And for that, we are truly grateful.”

Esteemed Major General Tim Orr has served as the Iowa National Guard’s adjutant general for the last seven years. An Iowa native, Orr was raised in Boone Iowa and he enlisted the Iowa National Guard after his senior year of high school. Today, he oversees nearly 10,000 Soldiers and Airmen.

The Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation dedicates their efforts to honoring and improving the lives of those 10,000 Soldiers and so every year, we deliver fresh loins to various units near our farms as well as create a ‘Pork Care Package’ complete with $40 worth of coupons for fresh ham, ribs, bacon, ground and fresh pork to be presented to every member of the Iowa National Guard and to show our love and support. In the last two years, with the combination of pork care packages and fresh pork deliveries, we’ve dedicated a total of $833,400 to supporting our Iowa Soldiers. Last year, a little cookbook was even put together with recipes from our employees titled, ‘From Our Family to Yours’ to give the Soldiers ideas of how to cook their pork.

“That little bit that you do makes a huge difference in their lives. Many of them have been deployed several times—and we’re talking a year away from home—so this means a lot to these Soldiers,” Major General Orr said. “They’re not only able to have pork and provide for their family, but it gives them a chance bring their family together, which is really key.”

Major General Orr presented the foundation with a plaque on behalf of the Iowa National Guard. Mounted on the plaque is the Major General’s own coin and seal to show his personal appreciation. The award reads, “For continuous outstanding support of the Iowa National Guard’s Soldiers and Airmen”.

This was a tremendous honor bestowed to Deb and Jeff Hansen and to Iowa Select Farms and was followed by another award presented by Rebecca Coady. This was the Seven Seals award, a very special award that is given to someone who they feel has gone above and beyond for the Iowa military. “Presented to Iowa Select Farms for meritorious leadership and support of the men and women who serve America in the National Guard and Reserve.” ‪#‎billionpounds‬