Making a Stop at Gladbrook-Reinbeck Elementary

posted on Friday, November 5, 2021

Did you know today is national sandwich day?! How fitting is that because we just left Gladbrook-Reinbeck Elementary School with enough Power Snack coupons to make 800 ham sandwiches!
As we continue our journey, the Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation stays committed to fighting childhood hunger in Iowa. With Power Snack coupon booklets, students can purchase $5 worth of deli ham and a $3 loaf of whole wheat bread at no cost to them.

Additionally we left this district with 200 pork sticks, a nutritious and filling snack that instantly alleviates hunger and can be just what a student needs.

That's it for us on our 6th day of Power Snack, but we still have many more schools to visit in the coming weeks.

Students accept power snack materials