Marshalltown Police Department Receives Henry's Heroes Comfort Kits

posted on Monday, March 29, 2021

Marshalltown PD
“Emergency situations are traumatizing and can carry lifelong implications for children,” said Marshalltown Police Chief Mike Tupper. “These kits benefit our community because they provide a valuable resource for our law enforcement team that can help us build trust with a child who has experienced a trauma.”

The Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation and Iowa Select Farms delivered 15 Henry’s Heroes Law Enforcement Comfort Kits to the
Marshalltown Police Department
Henry’s Heroes Law Enforcement Kits allow officers to provide an extra gesture of kindness to calm children and families when they are called to a tough situation. These Comfort Kits are compact but mighty, holding blankets, toys, including Henry’s favorite, Thomas The Train, pacifiers, lip balm, and stuffed animals, all with the hope that children and families in distress can be put at ease.

Henry Johnson, Deb and Jeff Hansen’s grandson, is the inspiration behind Henry’s Heroes and his mother Natalie created Law Enforcement Comfort Kits as the focus for his second year. The Deb and Jeff Hansen Foundation has already donated over 400 Comfort Kits across the state of Iowa.

“These kits will help break the ice between police officers and children after a child has experienced a traumatic event,” Chief Tupper continued. “Officers are able to build rapport with the child and the kit helps the child feel more comfortable interacting with a police officer.”

Any Police Department or Sheriff’s Department in the 55 counties where Iowa Select has farms is eligible for Law Enforcement Comfort Kits.