Megan Foster Leads Department at New Farm in Clarke County

posted on Thursday, August 1, 2019

Megan Foster Allerton, Iowa

Megan Foster is the farrowing department head at Smyrna, a proud member of Adam’s new farm team. She and her husband, Jeff, live in Allerton and have two small children. She started with Iowa Select Farms as an entry-level animal caretaker 18 months ago on a farm outside of Derby. She didn’t have any experience in agriculture, let alone pig care.

Within six months of her start date, her supervisor, Doug Bates, approached her about the Megan FosterProduction Leadership Program, a training and development program for employees who aspire to become a department head or manager.

Just a few months into the Production Leadership Program, construction crews broke ground at Smyrna, just a few miles down the road from her farm. Along with a new farm comes a new team, and new leadership opportunities.

Megan remembers the conversation with Doug, like it was yesterday. “He said I should apply for the farrowing department head position,” said Megan. “I remember going home and writing seven pages of notes for a job I never thought I would get.”

Doug thought otherwise. “When people like Megan show their passion, people tend to follow,” said Doug. “From the beginning she’s been a good communicator and great leader, all while absorbing the day-to-day of the farrowing department. I always tell people that anyone can do it if they want to and have the drive, and she has tremendous drive.”

After an intense interview, during which Megan never used those notes, she got the job. Now she leads a team of six farmers. 

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