Mid-Sioux Opportunity, Cherokee— Haul Out Hunger

posted on Thursday, June 20, 2019

“Meat is usually the hardest thing for us to provide clients in need,” said Nicole Mier of Mid-Sioux Opportunity in Cherokee. “Protein is expensive and if we do have anything, it’s usually canned tuna. A donation of pork like this is very rare and we are just so appreciative.”

Mid-Sioux Opportunity, Cherokee

With five locations in northwest Iowa, Mid-Sioux Opoortunity provides thousands of at-risk families with crisis assistance, head start applications, utility help, food baskets and a variety of other services that help people and ultimately, change lives.

“At our Cherokee location we serve nearly 500 families a month, 70 of those receive food baskets from us,” explained Nicole. “We try to provide them with at least three days of supplies but it can be hard to stretch, especially for larger families.”

Unloading porkUnloading pork loins

Like many pantries and food-assistance organizations in the state, the majority of Mid-Sioux’s food donations come from school and church food drives.

“A large donation of 144 large pork loins like this not common for us,” continued Nicole. “But we could not be more excited because it’s going to provide several, quality meals for our clients.”

Cherokee water tower Teamwork!

This was the first time Haul Out Hunger stopped at Mid-Sioux, but it certainly won’t be the last. The pork loins donated today will provide 1,728 four-ounce servings of pork for individuals and families in Cherokee.

Our visit also include a visit to O'Brien County, where we met with Brenda Collier of Upper Des Moines Opportunity. On our first visit, we donated 20 cases of pork loins. Enough to provide 4,320 servings of pork for area families in need. 


In addition to food-assistance, UDMO O'Brien County also offers baby supplies, clothing and emergency assistance.