Mike: Bring a Positive Approach to Animal Care

posted on Thursday, October 6, 2022

Mike caring for pigs inside the farm

When talking with Mike Lindeman, it’s not hard to tell he’s happiest working in the barns alongside his team.

He’s known for launching impromptu contests and light-hearted competitions around marketing results, production audit scores and anything he can find that scores and measures success. He says it challenges himself and others around him to get better.

“Mike’s a unique individual,” said Lane Bass, a site manager who oversees ten barns throughout the Butler county area. “He’s fun to work with and gets the best out of you. He’s good at holding his team accountable.”

Mike--whose entire team was recently recognized as the top finishing team in the company--is Lane’s supervisor.

“He makes the days go smoother. I talk to him daily, and he’s always available for me, especially when I need another set of eyes on the younger pigs. On the marketing side, which I do on my farms, he helps me by previewing the pigs and makes good recommendations.”

“I think what makes Mike so successful is his team approach,” said Tom Boge, senior finishing supervisor. “He communicates well with his managers; he’s never afraid to ask questions and always exhibits a ‘get after it’ approach to the day.”

His co-workers say he’s great to be around, and he’s particularly good at mentoring and training newer finishing supervisors because of his natural abilities.

“Mike, at his core, is a great caretaker,” said Trent Myers, Mike’s supervisor. “He knows how to run a barn, spots sick pigs, manages pens and gets air, feed and water right—and he’s great at sharing that knowledge and helping others get better in a way few can.”

Trent also appreciates how he is a champion for change, which is happening right now in the finishing system. “As we’ve been evolving our finishing approach and roles to emphasize feeder pig care and overall livability, he’s been a tremendous help.”

Of course, Mike shies away from the spotlight and quickly passes the accolades to team.

“It makes me proud to see them be successful, and I’m grateful for a good, experienced group of dedicated growers who oversee the farms daily.”