Ministerios Manos Al Arado

posted on Friday, July 8, 2016

As we made our way to Hampton, we met up with Jose Cruz, pantry coordinator for Ministerios Manos Al Arado in Hampton. Jose has big plans for the 15 cases our crew delivered and has found a way to stretch the pork loins even further to impact more people in his community.

“I try to take care of as many as I can,” said Jose. “I plan to cut the pork loins in half and work with a local vendor to create 200 packages of meat with rice, beans and tortillas. This way I can create a meal for them and spread the pork loins even further.”
On top of feeding food insecure individuals and families, Jose is also very passionate about integrating the Hispanic community into the community of Hampton.

“I teach the gospel along with momentarily helping them learn how to live here. So I will help them with things like getting groceries and going to school,” said Jose.

Jose plays a vital role in helping the Hispanic community feel comfortable and adjust to life here in the community of Hampton. Furthermore, he has plans to create a senior living and recreation center at his church where elderly can come and relax and interact in a comfortable setting.

We were inspired by Jose’s kindness and dedication to helping his community and are grateful to serve as a contribution to his efforts. Thank you for everything you do Jose!