Ministerios Manos Al Arado-Hampton

posted on Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Our next stop in Hampton was a visit to Ministerios Manos Al Arado where we met up with pantry coordinator Jose Cruz. With 20 cases of pork loins now in his possession, Jose has big plans for the meat that our crew delivered and is going to make it stretch as far as possible.

"We try to take care of as many people in the community that we can," said Jose. "This year we are planning a very special family day where families in need can come get a delicious meal. It's something new that we're trying this year and we're very excited."

The family day, or "dia de la familia" that Jose is planning will be on Saturday, July 1, at 1 PM in Hampton. "It will be here at the church (Apolistic Church/Iglesia Apostolica) and in addition to the meal we are planning games, activities and will be giving out special care packages to families whose needs are greater than most. We're going to help a lot of families next week!"

On top of feeding food insecure individuals and families, Jose is also very passionate about integrating the Hispanic community into the community of Hampton.

"I teach the gospel along with momentarily helping them learn how to live here. I help them with things like getting groceries and going to school. Things that we thing are basic, but can be very different and difficult for someone that has never done it this way."

Jose plays a vital role in helping the Hispanic community feel comfortable and adjust to life in Hampton. We were so inspired by his kindness and dedication to the community and are grateful to contribute to his efforts. #HaulOutHunger #billionplus